Protecting your data and privacy

Protecting your data and privacy

Protecting your data and privacy

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Since we first started in 2012 as a mission-driven nonprofit dedicated to improving access to high quality education and supporting academic research, edX has been committed to learner data privacy. We have always strived to be transparent with you, our learners, about the lifecycle of data on edX.

Today, we’re sharing that the Privacy Policy for the edX website has been updated to help ensure that you understand the kinds of information that may be collected and how it may used. The updates address data regulations, including GDPR, and were made in order to clarify how you can manage your data.  The terms of service for the edX website are also revised to reflect our updated practices.

You can view the updated Privacy Policy and see that we are:

  • Using simpler, clearer language to describe our privacy practices;
  • Describing why and how your data is collected and used; and
  • Outlining ways to access, manage and control your information.

EdX is powered by our learners – all 16 million of you! Your dedication and hard work inspire us every day and your love of learning is what defines our global community of learners and partners. We are excited to share this update and to further ensure that your learning experience on is exceptional.

If you have any questions, you can reference this FAQ, found on the edX Help Desk, or you can contact edX support.

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